Apr 22, 2009

Hailey's Birthday

This month is full of birthday's for our family. We started out the month with Aunt Brooke's birthday on April fool's day. Next we had our cousin Brooke born on April 2nd, congratulations Eric and Aimee on the new addition to your family. We move on to cousin Makel, Alyssa, Uncle Pat, Hailey and end the month with my mom.

Hailey had a really good day, at home and at school. They were able to go to a neighboring school to see a drama production in the morning, and I brought cupcakes in to all her classmates in the afternoon. They really seemed to already have enough energy and no need the sugar, but you know 6-7 year old can always use more!
She wants to thanks all of you for sending cards and gifts this year. I can't believe in a year she will be old enough to get baptized. I have taken her to activity days with me before and the age difference seems so big that it's hard to believe she will join them in a year.

The weather here has been so sporadic this week. Monday we were able to go to the beach for a beautiful morning. We thought about going again today at noon but it was awful this morning, now we have blue skies (1:30 pm) ..... anyhow you never know here, it is always changing. John did take the girls to the swimming pool yesterday afternoon for Hailey's birthday. Alyssa is going to start her swimming lessons next week and needs all the practice she can get before beginning them.

Apr 8, 2009

Alyssa is 5

No time to post, but I thought I would add some pictures of our sweet little girls big 5th birthday!!!
Alyssa and her friend, Kyleigh, made Easter bunny houses for her birthday!

What could a little girls want more than a new makeup kit! (I didn't buy this)

She was thrilled to race through the house on her new scooter!

Alyssa opted for no cake this year, all she wanted was cupcakes.