Nov 26, 2012

Thanksgiving in Colorado

We had a wonderful week in Colorado!  This year we decided that we would travel to Colorado for Thanksgiving because it had be 6 or 7 years since our last Thanksgiving there.  It was a Giles year, but the last two year had been spent with John's family. 
It started out great, my mom and me did lots of cooking and my girls had lots of fun playing around.  Poor John, all day Wednesday we spent cooking and he didn't have much to do.    He did end up playing around lots with his girls though and he always enjoys spending time with them.

Here is a few pictures of prep before Thanksgiving dinner:

it's good to get the men doing some work!
Here is the girls, waiting to eat :)

After Thanksgiving dinner and cleanup we played a few games and just hung out at my parents home.  Later that evening we went to wal-mart for the black Friday sales.  One thing in the San Luis Valley their isn't a big choice of stores to shop in and for me that's good.  Less running around, less sales and less money spent because I didn't see something that I just had to have at that price.  We did end up going to JC Penney's on Friday and found some great deals but that was the extent of our shopping. 

The bad part of our trip came Friday night and Saturday early morning.   First John, then Abby,  then Hailey, then my mom and then me came down with the stomach flu all within 8 hours.  We were all so sick that we didn't do anything.  Thankfully Alyssa was well and so she was able to watch Macey and they played together all day long.  Alyssa fed her, cleaned her up, played with her and was the babysitter 100%.  My dad disappeared so he wouldn't get sick too, thanks dad!  It did only last 24 hours or less and so we were better on Sunday, but not enough to go to church and then drive home as planned.  We just got up and drove, ready to get home and get better. 

Never had this sign looked so good before. 

It was a great vacation though and we did have lots of fun!  Thanks for the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Nov 10, 2012

Change in weather

Yesterday I saw Grandma Giles raking and raking out in her yard. It was beautiful weather and so I sent my girls, hailey and Alyssa, over to help. Of coarse that meant Abby, Macey and our neighbor Aubrey also joined in the fun. They did rake a lot and kinda made a mess of it must I made them clean it up to.

Then this was what we woke up to this morning. This is my neighbor across the streets house.
Then tonight John, Kyron and Easton all went to Byu's football game the temp was suppose to be 19 degrees (what's up yesterday was almost 60). Here is Easton with the snow they had on the benches.