May 15, 2011

May 10, 2011

It's been a while since our last post and so I'll try to catch you up a bit.

April was a really fun filled and busy month with lots of birthdays, visitors, and spring break. As promised in the last post, I am now posting pictures of Trafalga and our trax trip to temple square during spring break.

Alyssa on the rock climbing wall.

Hailey at temple square.

Abby and John on the trax train.

For Easter this year our neighborhood playgroup met at the park and had each of us bring a few dozen eggs to hide. We ended up only having about 6-7 kids, but it was still an Easter egg hunt and my girls still had lots of fun. Here is my little Macey at her first Easter egg hunt!

The day before Easter we had Matt, Kamelle and their boys over for a fun hunt in the backyard If you read my friend Mandy's blog she told everyone how I hid 300 eggs this year, it's true. We really missed having our annual hunt with Mandy and Holly's families, but we enjoyed having it with cousins. The day was beautiful (well as beautiful as Utah was this past April) and the hunt went great. Then, Sunday morning the girls woke up to about 6 inches of snow. Good thing the Easter bunny only hides a few eggs inside on Easter Sunday. Each girl got a new dress and had fun with the goodies left in their baskets I'll try to get a new picture of our family Easter morning up later.

My mom came out to Utah for Hailey's birthday, Easter and her birthday. It was great to have her here and I really needed her for Hailey's party. We had another spa party and had little girls all over. But they were all really good and I am happy that Hailey has such a great group of girls here in our ward and neighborhood. My mom also spent part of the time here at Leslie's house in Richfield but we loved when she was up her.

Monday we had our Mother/Daughter activity day party on Monday and Hailey and I had so much fun together. It was all on them being princesses to our Father in Heaven. The activity day leaders did a wonderful job! Thanks!

Today our construction job was to get the exterior walls all put up. It's looking good and we're all getting more and more excited.