Aug 29, 2013


John and I decided that if John could sale his 1980 CJ-7 jeep, we could buy a small camper. The jeep was up for sale for quite a while and we had almost given up when it finally sold.  Yeah!  Right away john started his search for the perfect camper.  He wanted something so the girls would have a bed that folded out on one end and us the other end. 
Yet, he didn't want to big of a camper so that it could fit by our house.  We found one on KSL classifieds and it was just right for our family!  

Our first camp out was diamond fork canyon  in July.

The girls loved playing cards, hanging out around a campfire and just being little girls!

Our next camp out was to Vernal, Utah.  We went here the weekend before school started as our final summer activity.

Macey absolutely loves camping and exploring with her sister!

Here are some pictures at Dinosaur National Park.

Hailey in the quarry.

She the dinosaur bones in the rocks behind the girls.  The quarry was really cool.

Their were petroglyphs all over on rocks form te ancient native Americans.

Lots of hiking and hot weather meant tired girls!

And mommies!

See this petroglyph

Cabin of Josie Morris in dinosaur national park.

And after a long day walking around the parks, everyone was happy to come bak to the camper an have a relaxing,  yet fun, evening. 

We can't wait til next summer when we can you hang out today go camping again!

Aug 14, 2013

Summer fun

We had such a fun summer!  Let's start out with pictures of the freedom festival.  Here is Abby tossing hoops at a game.
Alyssa being hung for treason

And Hailey dressing up as a knight in shiny armer.

We hiked up rock canyon

Had ice cream at bYU creamery multiple times

  Visited old faithful in Yellowstone during our family reunion

Walked aroun in canyonlands 

Toured Mesa Verde

Enjoyed the carnival at Manassa pioneer days

Played at the park with a cold drink

Took swimming lessons

Played in the waterparks and more

 Rode the grass hopper

Visited thanksgiving Point

And all out had a wonderful summer!