Sep 17, 2013

State fair

State Fair, the Rogers and Hamerstein movie, has been my favorite movie for most of my life.  The fun family values, driving across the state in that little pickup with their big hog, all just look so fun on the TV screen.  Then there was the entertainment, the exciting carnival and everlasting romance.  

Growing up I always wanted to go to a state fair, but it was during school and as my parents would say 'it's to far away'.

This year, being the parent, I decided that I could go.  We looked at the calendar and debated a little on dates and times, trying I go when the crowd would be down.  It couldn't be done, and so Macey and I, along with 4 of our friends went to the date fair on opening day!

My favorite things to look at are the quilts and scrapbooks.  This t-shirt quilt was so much fun!

Maceys favorite thing to see was the animals.  Particularly the baby goats, some were so tiny.

There was so many things to see and the kids had so much fun (we never let them see the carnival).  This is Macey, Nathanial Page, and Julia Evans.

Can you see Macey in the space suit?  She's in there.  

We had a wonderful time and while it may not have been the 1940's fair, it was still great.  Remember, "Our state fair is a great state fair, don't miss it don't even be late!"

Sep 2, 2013

It's a Bike Day

Abby has been avoiding the topic of daddy saying she needs to learn how to ride her bike!  Finally this weekend she gave in and gave it a try.

John said she needs lots of practice and planned to assist her again the next day, well.... she practiced alone all day while he was at work.  And, tada she is an avid bike rider now!!!