Aug 21, 2012

First day of School

Its that time of the year again, we've just been school shopping, got all of our new supplies and really have gotten sick of staying home all the time.  My kids are really ready to get back to school so they can see their friends everyday and play lots at recess!
In preparation, we went to the zoo, went to 7 peaks a few times made PJ bottoms and well had a busy blast trying to fit everything in the last few days.

 Alyssa has friends that live all around us and so I think that she was the least excited to go back to school.  Its really going to cut into her time she spends each day painting nails, watching TV with friends, practicing flips and just giggling.
Hailey was excited to see her friends again.  She only sees her friend Vivian a few times during the summer and so she was excitied just to get to see the friends again.
Hailey is in 5th grade with Mrs. Bishop as her teacher.
Here my girls go on their way to school. 
Alyssa's 3rd grade classroom door.  Her teacher is going to be Miss Quinn

Abby was the most excited to start Kindergarten!!!  She was so cute and excited to go where she could 'learn' more.  She really thought Lucy was going to be in her class and was a little disappointed to find Lucy went to a different school.  At least she did have a couple kids in her class that she knows.
 Isn't that outfit she picked out for the 1st day of school cute?

Here is her dad walking her to school, she started out in afternoon kindergarten and moved the next day to morning kindergarten with Mrs. Robertson

Here is her desk!

Aug 17, 2012

What a Fun Trip to the Zoo

Going to the zoo is always one of my girls favorite activities.  I try to get a annual zoo pass every other year so we can visit lots during the year that we have it.  This year the fun new attraction is the Rocky Shores Exibit.
There they have Sea Lions, Otters, Black Bears, and a Polar Bear. 

 See the Polar bear as her swims around under the water?

Abby and Macey think that everytime they go they should be able to ride the carosel.  This time they both wanted to ride on the Tigers, Abby's favorite animal.
 We tried to get John to come with us and when he did we knew that we would not be able to go to the bird show.  For some reason John is afraid of birds and has some major phobia with them.  If you don't believe me ask his dear friend Dale Keep, he can give you and ear full about John and the chickens in Kauai.

Aug 3, 2012

Such a fun birthday cake

My brother-in-law Matt had his birthday yesterday and I really wanted to experiment making a new type of cake. So yesterday morning I started to experiment with a new multi layered Lemon cake. 

First I had to make a whipping cream frosting using whipping cream, vanilla, pwdr sugar and .... knott's unflavored jello.  I guess the jello is suppose to make the whipping cream hold stronger.

The cake was made with just a french vanilla cake mix, cooked in two 9" pans.  I cut them in half after they cooled and then relayered them with lemon pudding in the middle.  After stacking them back together, I placed the cake in the freezer for 20 minutes to cool the cake, making it easier to frost.

It was all frosted with a light coat of whipping cream, then I splashed coconut up the sides of the cake & covered the top with some of the left over lemon pudding.  The last step I used my cake decorating pipes and piped on a border around the corner.

Here is the final product and lets say everyone thought this looked so yummy and when they ate it they felt like it was a keeper.  It was so good!!!