Jan 24, 2011

Abby's now 4!!!

Happy Birthday Abby!!!

We had a really fun party this year (a few day's before her birthday) and this is the first birthday ever that I think she's been able to celebrate with cousins and grandparents. We started out the day by having this poster work up on the kitchen wall. Grandma helped her sisters make these the day before.

I didn't have any of my cake decorating stuff yet, it's still all on a crate somewhere on the ocean, and so I had to go with a simpler cake. Abby wanted a train and so the girls and I had fun decorating up train cars.

Hailey and Alyssa helped blow up lots of balloons and the kids loved tossing them all around and playing as they ran in continuous circles! Here is Abby playing with her cousin Kaedan.

Macey was the most excited of all for the party and I don't know if she liked the cake or the balloons more, but she was so happy to have a party!!!