Jan 16, 2013

Snow snow go away!

Well I said it and it did go away but look at what we got before it went away!
They first set of snow was really wet and good for making snowmen but after that it was powder and good for sledding/skiing.

Here is our house!

 Abby likes to play in this snow more than anyone, but I don't blame her..... she makes such a cute snow angel!

I don't play in the snow to much, it's just to cold!!!

Macey likes to be outside no matter what the weather and well frankly I like her to be outside.  She makes a mess wherever she is and I would prefer that the mess is outside!

So when this snow went away, we turned into an icebox! It's been so cold for the last few weeks (my moms had a low of about -35 at night and high of 20 during the day) burrrh!

Jan 7, 2013

Family home evening goals

This year I am trying to teach my kids more about the basic gospel principals. Yet, my kids want to teach lessons and participate and they should. So this year I will be in charge of every lesson but have an assistant.
January we will be studying the articles of faith.
February we will continue on with articles of faith 1-2 weeks and then move onto the proclamation to the family.
After that we'll go with what seems appropriate.

So this morning after the girls were ready for school Alyssa was studying A of Faith 1-3 so she can teach them to her sisters tonight. Then I'll lead the discussion on them and what they mean.

New Years party

New Year's Eve has come and gone! Last year we didn't have much to do and so we went down to my sisters house to celebrate. This year I didn't want to have nothing to do so we decided to have a fun family night party.

Here is just a few pictures:

 With Ellie Hurtado

 Hailey and a few of the Wakefield girls

 Julia Evan and her daddy Rick

 Amie Page and Will and Marty Evans

 John :)

Lorna and Steve Miller Family

Christmas in Provo

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of family, love and gifts.
Christmas Eve was spent at our home with John's parents, Grandma and Grandpa Giles, and his brother Matt's family. We played games:
We played Christmas songs on the chimes:
We had a live Nativity, (7 kids made it tight, but it worked)
We had a fun dinner and the kids each got a little gift
After everyone had left our girls got to open one gift, there christmas pajamas, but this year they came from their Vannoy grandparents. My mother also made them super warm pillow blankets to keep them warm. They loved these!
Christmas morning we have a tradition of opening and playing with Santa only gifts until after breakfast. And, before breakfast we all get dressed and ready for the day. John made a wonderful breakfast this year while I fixed hair and got 4 little girls ready. Here are the girls highlight gifts:
Abby (a Barbie cruise ship):
Macey (a loving family camper, she thinks its for Polly pockets):
Later that afternoon we went to the Giles (Johns parents) for dinner. We had a wonderful Christmas and I am so thankful for the spirit of our Savior here in our home.