Jun 13, 2013

Sand dunes

Last week after our trip to Alaska, my mom took me and the three youngest girls home with her.  Hailey had 5th grade camp and John couldn't miss anymore work so we had a fun week with just 4 of us.  Brooke, my younger sister, just had a sweet little girl the beginning of May that I had yet to see.  I spent the week holding her and playing with her older sister Kamry.  She calls me her aunt 'We'.  My brother Brandon and his wife Michelle also had a baby a few months ago and so there was lots of sweet little ones and even more big noisy ones.  

This time of year is a great time to go to he sand dunes national park, because the river is still running.  So, we planned a day and went their with a few of our cousins, my mom and Brooke.

Here is Abby, Macey and Kamry 

Alyssa had me make her into a mermaid, as did Kip's daughter Olivia.

Parker wanted to be the king of the sea and a merman ;)

The girls had lots of fun and came home with lots of sand!

We stayed there for almost 2 1/2 hours when a storm came up, you can see the clouds below.  It sent us all running for cars and scrambling to collect everything that was blowing away.

It turned out we had a wonderful week.  John and Hailey joined us Friday night so they could be there for Kaisley's baby blessing and tote the rest of us back to Utah.  Now back to the real world after two weeks of vacation.