Apr 9, 2008

Alyssa's 4th Birthday

We've just had a birthday party!!!

For a big 4 year old, we had lots of fun! First we started the day off at preschool by going to the National Botanical Garden here on Kauai. The kids had lots of fun looking at different plants and their seeds. They had an educational tour that was created just for preschoolers by their department, it was the perfect tour for them.

After preschool all the kids came back to our house for a fun pool party! They had corndogs and cheetos in the backyard, then splashed around in our pool for the next hour. We were really lucky that the weather was so nice because the day before it was cloudy and rainy all day and today is the same. We had a nice family party that night and she had her favorite Shrimp Scampi for supper (at her request). Alyssa then got to run around the house for a scavenger hunt finding her birthday presents. She absolutely loved her rollar skates that Abby gave her.


Clarissa said...

4 already?! She's so big.

GO Gray's said...

Hi Wendi. I found you through Mandi's. So where do you live??? How are you? Your kids are adorable. Take care and drop a line if you get a chance.