Mar 17, 2009

Hailey's front teeth

Hailey's little(I mean big) smile has went through quite the transformation in the last month, here she is the end of January and then the 1st of March. I can't believe she is old enough to be loosing all of her teeth.

Just outside of Koloa is the Koloa Sugar Plantation. Though is has been shut down for quite some time, it is still a magnificent building to look at. Kauai once had 5 sugar mills up and running on this Island, now they only have one and it is on it's last season of production. That will mean that the only sugar mill in Hawaii is one left running on Maui. It's really sad how things like this are shutting down everywhere.
After our camping in the rain expedition, John and our girls decided to make a 'fort' in our family room. They used every blanket and sleeping bag to form this fort. I wish they too would have had to clean it up, I think it took me almost two hours to fold everything up and put it away. But they did have fun and played hard for a few days.

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Adrianne said...

Your girls are growing way too fast. We famililiar with the loss of teeth and the fort thing around our house. Tell Hailey that she is only getting cuter and tell John that he needs to clean up his mess! You are great to put up with it. :)