Jan 7, 2012

White at last!!!

This morning we woke up to snow at last!!! Of coarse John was the most excited for the snow, but our little girls all shared a little bit of the excitement with him. Up until today we have had no snow and I mean zero, zilch, nothing as far as snow goes. John was going to take Hailey skiing over Christmas vacation but there was only 15" of man-made snow at sundance ski resort. Hailey still went skiing with her 4th grade class this week, but there wasn't much to work with (and she didn't know what to do on ski's)

So as soon as John saw the snow he got the girls a hopping around the house preparing to go sledding on the Timp View hill. As you can see there isn't a lot here, but it was something. They wern't the only kids out early trying to have a little sledding fun either, lots of kids from the neighborhood were there to join them. Hailey even tried to "surf" down the hill on the sled (she doesn't know it's called snow boarding). Of coarse me and snow don't really mix and so Macey and I stayed home to take some fun pictures in the snow in our yard.

Her favorite thing to do was throw snow up into the air and let it fall back on her head.

She did try to make a snow angel, but I didn't get the picture before it was time to get up and throw some more snow up in the air.What a fun morning, too bad the snow will be melted and gone in a few hours. Lets just pray that the mountains around here can get a little more snow. It looks like Mt Timpanogas had more snow in July than it had this week.

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