Feb 26, 2011

We have Snow!!!

We woke up Friday morning to snow and lots of it. I measured 10 inches on the steps of our porch that morning!!! While I wasn't that excited for the snow (personally I still would prefer to join Genevieve at the beach for the day), my girls and John showed much more enthusiasm for playing in the snow. Hailey and Alyssa got to wear their snow boots for their walk to school. Abby got to make snow angels in the front yard. John shoveled snow and then I got to reshovel a couple of times.

John doesn't really like the snow shoveling, but he was looking ahead and thinking about he could take the girls sledding over on the hill by the high school the next day. He's such a good dad and knew that I had a stake RS conference today so he did the sledding with our girls alone.

This is Macey first time to really play in the snow, last year we went tubing, but she was only 2 months old and staying in the cars bundled up most the time.

Alyssa and Abby are all about getting cold and wet. They love sliding down the hill together.

Hailey has always loved playing in the snow and is just so happy to get to use the sled she got for Christmas when she was 4. She is now 8 and has only used the sled a few times because it didn't move to Hawaii with us. (I wonder why)

Smile girls, I hope there isn't this much snow again until next winter!!!

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