Mar 18, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Yesterday we woke up to a little girl who had to have green pancakes for breakfast. Actually she wanted green eggs and ham but I only had one egg in the refrigerator, so she would settle for the pancakes. She had to make sure there was green on her PJ's and all of her sisters before she went to bed the night before. She also checked everyone in the families wardrobes to make sure we all had ENOUGH green on. She kicked her dad in the shin because on his green shirt there was some small red stitching and you CAN'T wear red on St. Patricks Day! She was almost late to school because her fingernails had to be painted green (thanks Dawn for helping set that tradition). Can you guess which daughter ..... yes, it was Alyssa. She makes sure everything is the way she wants it and that we celebrate holiday's to the extreme. While she may seem a little aggressive in getting her way, she is lots of fun and makes our lives more exciting :)

John parents just recently left to go on their LDS mission to Nauvoo, IL. Annette, his mother, always said that she thought Matt and Kamelle should have their baby on St. Patricks Day. Guess what, they did and I am a new Aunt as of yesterday!

Baby Giles was born March 17, 2011 at @11:30 am

Weight: 7 lbs 14 oz
Length: 19 inches
Baby and Mommy are both doing well!

Update on our building: We are suppose to start building in 2 weeks!!!! If (that's a big if) the bank gets everything done in the time they say it will take the hole will be dug somewhere between April 1st and 7th. It's really exciting watching the house next door go up and it was just started the first week of March. Knowing we're 1 month behind gets me nervouse but excited. I'll try to keep pictures and updates on here so family far away can see the progress.

Some friends of ours let me know that I am not updating my blog enough and they would really appreciate more frequent updates, so I will try a little harder!!!

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