Aug 22, 2011

First day of school

It's that time of the year again, time for our girls to head back to school. This year the school year didn't start the end of July, thankfully, like our prior years. Hailey is so excited like she is every year, she really is the easiest child when in comes to school. She loves school, she always does her homework right away and she's always at the top of her class. I just hope all the girls can be that easy! Alyssa is more excited to start school than she lets on. She has just been having so much fun this last week, since we moved into our new house, having two other new girls just move in the same age as her. Alyssa is very bright and at the top of her class too, but she doesn't want to try. She's the type that likes to direct her attention elsewhere. We'll have her start taking piano in a few weeks and she's in soccer right now. The only thing she really wants to do is gymnastics, but it's too far away right now, maybe I'll let her do that after soccer is over and we have finished moving everything in. To start the school year, Alyssa's class is 39 students, I think it's dropping down to 37... not sure yet. Edgemont has a dual French immersion starting in 1st grade. We moved here halfway through the 1st grade year and so it wasn't an option for us and now 3 more girls moved into the neighborhood this summer and they will all join Alyssa's class. I can't believe we have 12-2nd grade girls in our ward and only 2-2nd grade boys (I'm there primary teacher)

Abby doesn't start pre-school for another week and she will only be going MWF in the afternoons. I changed her preschools this year, I hope she will like the new one. Her old one had all the 3 and 4 year olds mixed together and she already learned that last year so we wanted to go on to something new. She thinks that she'll be staying 4 forever and always going to preschool, we'll see about that.

Macey will be the saddest to have her sisters go back to school. She loves playing here with Abby and riding our neighbors gator around the neighborhood, yet they arn't Alyssa whom she plays with all the time.

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