Dec 18, 2011

PreSchool Christmas Program

We started our our Christmas programs by going to University Mall Thursday to watch our cousin Kaeden and his preschool sing a few songs on the stage their. They were all really cute and did a really good job.
At first I couldn't find Kaeden along the wall where they had everyone taking pictures, then I just looked for the tallest kid and there he was. Abby as you can see would not be nice at all when trying to take a picture of the two of them together. I wanted a fun picture of the two of them to send to their other cousin Nathan, but it didn't happen. Macey and Braxton had a fun time during the program also.

On Friday Abby's preschool met in an auditorium in the BYU Harmon building. It was very well choreographed, the kids had parts and sang about 10 songs in 20-25 minutes. Abby's part was "The sleigh bells are shined" and she was so proud of her little part.

Abby will by Abby though and while all the other kids sit up straight she's slouching in her chair and playing with her cap.

She did try to look cute and smile at her mommy lots! (I meant to crop out that boy on the top row in this picture)

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