Dec 28, 2011

Ice climbers

Today we had a fun day out and about here in Utah county.

Leslie, Kyron and their family returned to Richfield last night after a busy few days. Let me first give you a small picture of our day yesterday. All of you parents know how fun it is traveleing an hour or more with children crammed in a car. Yesterday, we drove up to the copper mine just west of Herriman. It's not really that far (only about 45 minutes each way), but there was 11 children when you count mine, Leslie's, and Brandon's (he and Michelle arrived with their children yesterday to visit for a few days). Cousins were squealing with excitement to see eachother and wanted to ride together in this car or that, but this child was to tired and needed a nap, and this child needed that..... You get the picture. Well we drove up to the mine, which John had just been to a few weeks earlier, only to find it was closed because of ice for the next few months. I think the adults were all more disappointed than the children.
So we had to figure out what to do, quick, without disappointing to many people. Brandon was trying to count all the temples in Utah and how many he could see right there in Salt Lake county, so we decided to drive over to the Oquirrh Mtn temple so they could see it up close. Then we could also make up our minds on what to do and where to go. I had fun there trying out my new camera lens.

This is Leslie's baby Maggie looking up at Angel Moroni.

Abby is always wonderful to pose for a pretty picture

But, she isn't always wonderful about walking around, John had to carry both Abby and Macey around.

We finally settled on a trip to Cabellas!!! I mean who is crazy enough to take that many kids to a hunting store! We did, and yet we ended up having lots of fun shooting the target guns, looking at the stuffed animals and watching the fish. Alyssa was quite disgusted someone would kill an animal to have it's head put on a wall, but other than that it turned out to be a great outing.

Today we tried to keep a little more low key without all the traffic driving, Brandon didn't really like how fast everyone has to drive here in Utah, and so we went up provo canyon. My parents and Brandon and never seen the ice climbers before and so we had some fun by bridal veil falls taking pictures and watching the ice climbers. I know a few of my friends from Kauai that would really enjoy the ice climbing, but personally they all seemed a little more than crazy to even try that. Climbing up a sheet of ice does is definately not on my bucket list! Maybe that's why Hailey is afraid of heights, an inheritance from her mother.

There was a little bit of snow on the trail to the falls, but this was it! It was mainly ice.

Here is a picture of my parents at the falls

Brandon, Michelle and their 3 childrent, Parker, Emily and Payson.

We drove on up to Sundance ski resort to see if there was any snow. All I can say is wow there is no snow in the mountains yet!

After this, we took the kids to Alvin and the chipmunks, they loved it, I loved it and John fell asleep in it!! He's a great dad to even come with is! My dad stayed home with Macey so they could both nap during the movie :)

The kids had a super fun day and they loved having their cousins here for the last few days.

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