Feb 16, 2012

They're home!!!

I want to say how excited my little girls have been anticipating the homecoming of their grandparents. Grandpa and grandma Giles went on a 1 year mission to the Nauvoo church history mission one month after we moved in with them last year. After living across the ocean for 4 years, these girls were so excited to live near some family again. Macey is to young, but she caught some of the excitement that the others were sharing with her.

Jennifer and Rebecca made a welcome home sign, Abby and me got the house all ready and Hailey must have practiced her piano for an hour just waiting for them to get home. Let me say that getting Hailey to practice at all is becoming quite the task, anyone have suggestions on what to do with a 10 year old that doesn't want to play anymore?

All Wednesday afternoon Alyssa and Hailey ran back and forth to grandma's hoping that they would be the first one to see their car pull up. For those of you that don't know, we built our house on the lot directly behind theirs and we put in a connecting gate between our lots. When we could see that they had pulled up, Abby and Macey were ready to go. We had to run over quickly and give them lots of hugs. The girls even helped grandpa unload their vehicle, but I don't know if Macey helping really helped at all :)

I really think that out of all the girls, Alyssa has been the most excited. I can say this because she has really been wanting grandpa to come home so he could collect the eggs from our chickens. The chicken feeding/egg collecting has been Alyssa's job and while she started out really liking it, time has marked it's path and it's no longer fun! I help her a lot, but we have a few family members afraid of chickens, I won't mention names but HE shouldn't be and she being the oldest child shouldn't be either. It's not like they are going to attack you, Alyssa even pets the chickens.

After such a fun day welcoming home their grandparents, this little Macey was super tired and ready for bed.... but that doesn't mean she wouldn't smile for the camera!

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