Apr 21, 2012

Another birthday but this one turned 10!

Today is Hailey's 10th birthday and do you think we could really celebrate the way a 10th birthday is suppose to be celebrated, No, we couldn't.  How come?  Well I have to many children in sports and so I had to many games to go to.  This year Hailey's volleyball and Abby's soccer have games on the same days.  So some times when the time doesn't work, I will take Abby and John will take Hailey or Visa Versa.  Today the times worked but it meant we spent the whole afternoon at games. 
Hailey was the only 4th grader on her team and hasn't really ever played volleyball before so this has been a completely new experience.  Her skills got so much better throughout the season, and by the end she was a good little hitter.

Abby claims that she hates soccer and she will never play again.  But, with Abby that is a daily saying and I have learned to ignore it.  She did a good job and was finally kicking the ball by the end instead of an imaginary grasshopper or a boy on team she didn't like by the end of the season.

Finally we made it home and Hailey was able to open her fun birthday presents.  Guess what she got...

Lots of clothes and new nintendo 3DS, boy was she happy!!!

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