May 30, 2012

Schools out for the summer!

This last two weeks, waiting for school to get out and having so many fun, adventurous activities has been so exciting but has worn me out!!!

Lets start out with Mothers Day!  Everyone loves mother's day (and father's day) but especially all the young children in our home.  This year, or every year the girls want to wake me up to breakfast in bed.  This year I did talk them out of it because I wanted to have breakfast with my little girls and their dear daddy, the cook.  They also bought me these beautiful flowers that Macey is trying so hard to smell here.
The next fun thing to come was their dad's 37th birthday!  He is always so excited and works the girls up so much on his birthday.  I wish I could have that much enthusiasm :)

The kids all had so much going on the last week of school.  I don't even know where to start.  I guess the first school activity was the annual 5K race.  Hailey did a wonderful job and actually ran most of the race.  I was very proud of her!
Alyssa likes to run, but not very much and she like getting her pictures taken much more!

Abby had a fun parents day at her preschool where they all sang to the parents.  She really didn't want to have her picture taken and was very upset because she didn't get a chair.  Guess she's learning that everyone in life will not cater to her desires.

Next was the multicultural dance festival that the school put on in a gym at the high school.

Then the 4th graders had a fair where they taught people about the counties of Utah, Hailey had to work on Sevier County and she chose that one because her cousin Makel lives there.

Hailey and her class during the presentation

The last day of school both at the elementary and the preschool they had a fair.  Abby's was more of a circus fair and her teacher Mrs Buhler dressed up like a clown.

Hailey and Alyssa had more of a field day fair.  I helped Hailey class so I could get really good pictures of her class.

 Here is Macey at grandma's wishing she could go over to the school to participate in the fun field day activities.

Alyssa trying to play tennis with some of her class during the field day adventures.

Then for memorial day we took the kids on a drive up the canyon.  It was beautiful, but parts were very cold...

This was at cascade springs, and you can tell that it was still rather chilly up there.


 The first summer adventure we had that first weekend is we created cars from cardboard boxes and had our neighbors over for a drive in movie.  This will always be one of my childrens favorite activities.

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