Aug 17, 2012

What a Fun Trip to the Zoo

Going to the zoo is always one of my girls favorite activities.  I try to get a annual zoo pass every other year so we can visit lots during the year that we have it.  This year the fun new attraction is the Rocky Shores Exibit.
There they have Sea Lions, Otters, Black Bears, and a Polar Bear. 

 See the Polar bear as her swims around under the water?

Abby and Macey think that everytime they go they should be able to ride the carosel.  This time they both wanted to ride on the Tigers, Abby's favorite animal.
 We tried to get John to come with us and when he did we knew that we would not be able to go to the bird show.  For some reason John is afraid of birds and has some major phobia with them.  If you don't believe me ask his dear friend Dale Keep, he can give you and ear full about John and the chickens in Kauai.

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