Aug 3, 2012

Such a fun birthday cake

My brother-in-law Matt had his birthday yesterday and I really wanted to experiment making a new type of cake. So yesterday morning I started to experiment with a new multi layered Lemon cake. 

First I had to make a whipping cream frosting using whipping cream, vanilla, pwdr sugar and .... knott's unflavored jello.  I guess the jello is suppose to make the whipping cream hold stronger.

The cake was made with just a french vanilla cake mix, cooked in two 9" pans.  I cut them in half after they cooled and then relayered them with lemon pudding in the middle.  After stacking them back together, I placed the cake in the freezer for 20 minutes to cool the cake, making it easier to frost.

It was all frosted with a light coat of whipping cream, then I splashed coconut up the sides of the cake & covered the top with some of the left over lemon pudding.  The last step I used my cake decorating pipes and piped on a border around the corner.

Here is the final product and lets say everyone thought this looked so yummy and when they ate it they felt like it was a keeper.  It was so good!!!

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