Oct 5, 2012


Cornbelly's is a fun, end of the harvest, place to take your children for playing on the farm!  They got to play on tractor's, toys, run through a corn maze, pick out pumpkins, and get spooked.

Hailey brought her friend Vivian with us and together they shared so many smiles. 

Corn sack races down the slides!

Macey and Alyssa playing in a shed full of dried corn!  The did bury her like it was sand but I made them stop for fear something might get in her nose or ears.

These are the cow (barrels) that we road in as the tractor pulled us all through the farm lands.

The large corn maze we ran through!

We also cooked smores over a campfire and got marshmallows all over our faces :) 

The haunter monster that Abby loved and Macey screamed the entire way through.  It wasn't really haunted, just dark and I used my cell phone as a flashlight for her.

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