Oct 13, 2012

Macey has a birthday party!

Yesterday Macey had a 3 year old birthday party with many of her cousins and friends. I usually don't do a party for a 3 year old, but Hailey and Alyssa each wanted to do it for her.

Hailey helped do the game pin the broom (she made an special broom for each child) on the witch and made some yummy spiders to eat. Alyssa did a musical chair game, called the dancing ghosts. Abby helped me make the 'witches brew sticks' or almond bark coated pretzel rods and 'ghosts' or coated nutter butter cookies with little chocolate eyes. The children all seemed to love it. Macey's favorite was the mummy's we ate, or hot dogs with a 'mummy' coating.

Everyone seemed to know Macey and every gift but one included crayons, coloring books, notepads, drawing pads and/or activity books. The neighborhood moms and her Aunts all see her around with some sort of drawing supplies always at hand.

Wednesday is her actual birthday and we will celebrate it as a family then. Can't believe how much she is changing everyday.

Today I am a little sad in some ways. My girls always want us to invite Grandpa and Grandma over for dinner and always want to know why they never come, so I try again. Yet Sunday is the day that works best for us and every Sunday they have college student grandchildren over for dinner. Grandma said one day she won't have them here anymore. Yes I know that but that one day will not come until Macey is a senior in college. That will put them about 92-95 years old. Nice. Johns siblings have their children spaced even enough that there will never be a break unless some choose not to attend BYU. That is one reason I wish we lived in Colorado, once in a while we could have dinner with family members, siblings or parents. That won't happen though. We do go over there about once every month or two. Yet then it's so crowded my children all end up on another table in another room. Then theres to many crying children and those bonds made over dinner never happen.

Here is her new art table!

And such cute new clothes (from meme)

And her favorite art supplies for her new art table/station!

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