Sep 29, 2012

Squaw Peak we tackled you!

I had been wanting to hike to the top of squaw peak all season, but also wanted the heak to back of a little.  Now at the end of September the weather is still beautiful, but cool enough to hike here in the mountains. 

Alyssa was the only child of our invited to come along.  She is a go gitter and loves to do this kind of thing.  Abby would complain she needed carried the entire time and Macey really would need carried to Hailey (happily) stayed home watching her little sisters, with Grandma's help.

Lets just say she did a wonderful job and had more energy than the rest of us for hiking.
John's dad, Grandpa Giles, also wanted to come on the hike with us.  He wanted to be in shape for the hike and so he started going on 1-3 hour walks in the hills everyday before our hike.  He did a wonderful job and lets say he is in excellent shape.

We made it to the top and we could see our house below so we called and had Hailey and her Grandma look at us through the binoculars.  They couldn't see us, but they could see the flag we were sitting right next too!

Maybe next year we'll take a few more children, maybe not.

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