Jan 16, 2013

Snow snow go away!

Well I said it and it did go away but look at what we got before it went away!
They first set of snow was really wet and good for making snowmen but after that it was powder and good for sledding/skiing.

Here is our house!

 Abby likes to play in this snow more than anyone, but I don't blame her..... she makes such a cute snow angel!

I don't play in the snow to much, it's just to cold!!!

Macey likes to be outside no matter what the weather and well frankly I like her to be outside.  She makes a mess wherever she is and I would prefer that the mess is outside!

So when this snow went away, we turned into an icebox! It's been so cold for the last few weeks (my moms had a low of about -35 at night and high of 20 during the day) burrrh!

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