Apr 3, 2013

Wednesday Happenings

This week is spring break and while I saw lots of jobs around the house the kids could do, they also had to have some fun adventures. Monday and Tuesday were rainy cold days but Wednesday had a beautiful forecast. Right now it's 60 degrees with all sunshine!

My plan was to get up and get another step of our spring cleaning done, plans don't always happen like we hope. Yet, this time they did the girls cleaned the kitchen cabinet doors and doors quickly while I cleaned the windows and walls.

By 11 we were all finished and cleaned up so we headed for our daily adventure: hiking up to the 'Y' on the mountain. John tried to talk me out of taking Abby, but she was the best trooper of them all!

 Alyssa invited her friend Aubrey to hike along with us.

It was quite the adventure and we had lots of fun!
We had lunch, smashed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, on the 'Y'

And we all enjoyed the hike down much better than the hike up.

Then we were off on a bike ride to a nearby park.

Macey joined us here after staying with grandma during our hike.

Now to prepare for tomorrow's adventures!!!

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