Dec 27, 2013

Childhood Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday this year!  Their were wonderful Christmas programs.  John read our family moving Christmas stories every night.  Family was able to come visit and we were able to shortly visit some of our family.  Mos of all, we felt the Christmas spirit, the spirit of serving, loving, we felt  the Holy Ghost.  

On Christmas Eve we all went to grandpa and grandma Giles home to have a dinner and fun Christmas party.  We were able to read the story of our Saviors birth and have the children. All act it out.

Multiple people played the chimes as others sang the select Christmas carols.
Matt's baby Gavin is 8 months old now and my girls love I see him and assist him in his play time.

Children are always so excited for Christmas morning, wondering what Santa Claus will leave for them around the tree.  We have some early risers in our family but they are not allowed up until 7 am.  I'm wondering how much longer this little rule will last.  Probably not long at all.

Alyssa was so excited to get a bicycle from Santa!

Abby was excited to get a "real" American girl doll, Rebecca.  She has been wanting one of these for a long time.

Here are our little girls in their new stocking caps!

Macey got magnet toys and barbies, all she ever wants is barbies.  Where could she have gotten that love from?

Hailey received a new coat, shoes and razor!  She didn't want us to post a picture of her shaving her legs.
Here is Alyssa out going for a ride, in the freezing weather, on her new bike.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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