Jan 9, 2014


Today and yesterday have been snowy days. Most people know that I really don't like the snow, I guess I should say really really really don't like the snow, but we do need it for the moisture.  So, I will be happy and thankful for this cold wet stuff that tracks all over my house.

My girls, Abby, Alyssa and Macey all wanted to build a snowman after school.  They really wanted hot cocoa and I told them they could only have some after they played out in the snow for half an hour.  Their energy levels were a little to high for my tolerance levels, this helped balance everything a little bit.  It ended up that they played out in the snow for an hour and a half and ended up loving every minute of it.  

Alyssa had her friend, Aubrey, over to play, and together, they had so much fun building "Mathew", mommy and "Molly".  Mathew is a boy in Alyssa's class that is 'huge', while she and Aubrey are little. The soccer ball represents the dodge ball that all are afraid of, at least when it is in Mathews hands. Molly is Aubrey's baby sister.

Macey is setting on the base of the mommy snowman.  She had fun until her mom made her go change into a snow coat and not her new soft coat.  

The girls had lots I fun playing and building.

Here goes the carrot into his face.

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