Mar 25, 2011

Making a cake for my new nephew

I had to much fun making this receiving blanket and diaper cake for our new nephew Luke this week. The girls and I ran it over the their house on Saturday and surprised the family with a few little treats. We wouldn't have taken it over so urgently, but Macey kept trying to take everything off and the pacifiers would have disappeared pretty soon. Abby thought the dinosaur was purchased for her and she was a little perturbed when her mom put it on a cake for a baby. "Mom he's to little to play with that and I want it" was her comment. Needless to say she didn't get the dinosaur and it was my cake topper.
Anyone wanting to make a cake, use a 8 oz bottle in the center (it will hold the 1st 2 layers together), unfold the diapers, roll them up, and fasten them shut with a clear plastic hair tie. I tore part of the material from the receiving blanket (which was my cake base) to use as a tie to go around each layer. They are really fun to make and quite easy, it just takes a little time.

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Amber said...

Really, really cute cake!! Great job!