Mar 20, 2011

Not quite right.

Last night we had a babysitter come and John and I went out to each at Magleby's restaurant here in Provo. We didn't know prior to going but there was a Prime Rib/Crab leg buffet going on. We chose that, but it wasn't quite like the ones we're used to in Kauai (of coarse the price was only 1/2 of what we paid there also). I thought alot of Karen Summerhays during the dinner and how much she loved crab legs and could out eat anyone I know hands down in a crab eating contest.

My visiting teaching partner here in Provo was having a mock prom in the church's rec hall to celebrate her hubby's 35 birthday. So after the dinner we headed over to the church to the party, even though we didn't even know who her hubby was. It was more of a retro prom. There was lots of 80's music and it was lots of fun. The last mock prom we went to was about 8 months ago in Kauai and I kept thinking of how much fun we had with all our friends there. I love the picture we took with all the women jumping in the air :) We did have fun last night, but John and I both commented more than once how much Dale and Genevieve Keep would have loved the dance. There was even some break dancing going on and John wished he could break dance like Dale and Will could.

Today for Sunday dinner, I made Navajo tacos. I knew I would have way to much fry bread for my family, and remembered the last time I made these at Holly and Mike Cook's house. Mandy Cook loves these and I really wished that I could take the extras over to her house so she could enjoy them while they were hot. As you can tell, I'm dwelling to much on the past and have just got to bite the bullet and get into my life here. Karen, Genevieve, Holly, Mandy and Dawn will never be replaced and I don't want to replace them. I don't know if John will ever have as good a friend as Dale or Will, Mike, Rusty and Jeff, but it's time that we do make things right here in Utah.

Hailey and Alyssa are doing really good and Hailey seems to be making the adjustment better now than she first had been. For about two weeks, she had to call her friend, Olivia, every day .... I was getting a little worried there for a while. There are lots of little girls in the neighborhood and Alyssa is thrilled to have someone different to play with everyday. Hailey is coming along and realizing that it's easier to be friends with the girls across the street rather than the girls across the ocean. So hopefully so everything will be right but as for now we're making do with our life being not quite right!
This does not mean I will ever forget Hawaii or try to, I just have to try to move on. But, Genevieve Holly and Mandy I will still be calling you!!!


Mandy said...

Ahhhh, a glimpse into my hard it is going to be to transition from a place that you loved so very much! Thankgoodness for treasured memories that we always get to carry with us. :0)

natalie said...

wow! now i miss hawaii too and i've never even been there. change is hard. but i know your mom is happy to have you closer.

natalie said...

now i miss hawaii too and i've never even been there. change is hard

natalie said...

sorry for the muli-comments. i thought it just didn't go through but now i see you have an approval thingy.