Apr 10, 2011

Birthday Time!!!

April is the time for birthdays in our family. Alyssa had a wonderful birthday filled with lots of fun a jumping around!

A few weeks before her birthday Abby and I went shopping for a trampoline and found one at Sams club. I told Abby she could not tell Alyssa what she was getting for her birthday and Abby is the best secret keeper in the family so no one ever knew about the gift. The morning of her birthday Alyssa and Hailey spotted it in the backyard and were in heaven from there on out. The only problem was that it rained all day and they couldn't jump on the trampoline for the next two days.

The day before her party she had a few girls over from her school/primary classes and we had a "spa party"! The girls loved the fun while they all got facials

pedicures and back massages by no other than Hailey and her friend Grace. Thanks girls!!!!

Anyway, she had a blast and we all can't believe how quickly our little Lyssa is growing up! Thanks everyone for the cards and fun gifts that were sent!

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