Apr 19, 2011

Progress on our house

Living next door to where your new home is being built has it's definate advantages, well at least for us. I don't really know if our builder likes me watching his every move from across the yard but i continue to do this. We moved the trampoline Saturday for mowing the grass, but where it's setting now blocks my view and I can't see right into to construction zone. So, now I actually have to go outside and walk to the fence to see whats going on.

The weather hasn't been the best for construction all it seems to do it rain (or snow). Yet, today they were able to set up all the rebar frames and get the footings put together so that maybe just maybe the foundations walls will be poured tomorrow.

Here is today's progress:

They got all the walls poured :)


The Dixons said...

How exciting!! This will be fun to see it's progress! Wish it was me!

Rusty and Mandie said...

Rusty says you need rebar caps, JOHN.