Apr 20, 2011

Spring Break

This past week was spring break and while I took lots of pictures, for some reason I can't find them on a camera now. I'll keep looking and maybe post some later of temple square and trafalga.

Matt and Kamelle Giles had their new baby blessed Sunday and we were able to start out break out by going to church with them and hearing Matt give their precious baby a name and blessing. John was also called to be a councilor in the Young Men's presidency this day and was quite happy to not be in our ward when the calling was sustained.

Monday we were able to go to Trafalga in Lehi where the girls were able to rock climb, ride carnival type rides and get soakin' wet on the bumper boats. Abby was in complete tears when the ride was over being so wet! She toughed it out though, took off her dripping coat and had a blast the rest of the time. We had lots of fun activities planned, but the rain ruined most of them. Friday we did get to ride the Trax up to Temple Square and the gateway center and John was able to join us for a fun day that didn't rain.

Tuesday the girls and John were able to go watch the championship girls intramural basketball game at BYU and see Rebecca's team with the coveted championship t-shirts! Way to go Rebecca!!!

Alyssa has been bugging me lately about making a Hula Pie. For those of you that were frequent customers at Keoki's Paradise or Duke's, a Hula Pie has an oreo like crust with about 4 inches of mac. nut ice cream top and coated with a hard fudge layer and hot fudge on top of that. Oh, and we can't forget the mounds of whipping cream going around the edge of the pie.

This is what the frozen part looked like before I poured the hot fudge and whipping cream all over it.

I can't buy mac. nut ice cream here and so we had to improvise with a layer of mac. nuts on top. It may have not looked quite like Keoki's but it tasted wonderful and we loved it!!!

Another event during the week to bring us a turn in events was John, spraining his ankle.
It made a few of our excursions get cut short but we still were able to have a wonderful time playing and exploring throughout the week.

Can you believe how big Macey is? I was so excited because she got to go to nursery for the first time Sunday, YEAH!!!!