Mar 4, 2012

Airport fun

Right now we are sitting in the las Vegas airport waiting for our flight that was to leave 1 hour ago. The kids are bored, John is grouchy and I am glad I brought a good book. They tell us we will be advised at 2 pm but the next scheduled leave is 2 am. I am happy about one thing, my dear sweet Macey is not with us. I really can't imagine 7 hours in the airport before a 2000 mile flight with her.

Well, we set the airport all day, and I mean all day. As I said above we were suppose to fly to Kauai at 9 am on saturday. They Gave our plane away to another group of People at 8:40 am and finally at 4:40 pm our flight was cancelled and rescheduled for 11 am on Sunday. By 5:3 pm we had got our luggage back and had asked John's brother Eric if he could please pick us up. They would have put s up and fed s at the excaliber there on the strip, but my kids on the strip... Not something I wanted! By time we left we had been at the airport 11 hours on Saturday.

Sunday morning everything seemed to go well, our flight went as scheduled and these little girls were just so excited to get to Kauai to see the Cook family and their many other friends. We landed in Kauai at 5:10 and kauai's flash flood warning ended at 5:45. Looks like we picked a great time to come! Our friends were all waiting for us at the peterson's house where we had a wonderful dinner. Thanks everyone!

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