Mar 15, 2012

 We finally made it to kauai!!!

After setting in the airport for one whole day and then having our flight cancelled, we made it out one day late.  Our girls were even more excited than we were to make this trip, wanting so badly to see all of their long lost friends that they left behind when we moved.  At the top of their list was these little Cook girls, Kyleigh and Kaitlyn.  But, we can't forget the first person Hailey saw, Kevin Peterson, as he tackled her to the ground to give her a hug.   I think they were both so embarrased by that, that they didn't talk much the rest of the night.

When we arrived in Kauai, which we are lucky we did because we were one of the last flights to arrive that day, they were in a flood watch.  It ended up that they received 35 inches of water on the North Shore that week we were there.  There was flooding everywhere and we were able to go to the beach a whole two times and once we about froze there.  

So while we didn't get to spend our vacation hiking and beaching as we planned, we did get to spend lots of time with our friends there.  We stayed the first few days with Rusty and Mandie Cook and then the final few days with Dale and Genevieve Keep.  I can't say which part of the trip I enjoyed more, because they were both wonderful hosts and we love each of their families so much! 

While there we also had a murder mystery date night.  Lets just say it was so funny.  I don't know what was the best, Mandie (a bikini model) with the balloons, Dawn who is always the life of the party, Holly acting out the rich heiress, Rusty the forgotten Hawaiian chief, Jeff the crazy surfer dude, or Mike (what was he?)  John and I didn't have room to bring costumes and so I was just a pro woman golfer and John was something funny that I can't remember.  Lets just say that we had tons of fun doing this and the food was awesome, Thanks Mandie!!!

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