Jul 23, 2012

Pioneer Days

This year due to me going to Colorado for the 4th of July I wasn't going to come back for pioneer days.  Hailey and Alyssa really wanted to be there so we decided to leave them when we at the beginning of the month and have my mom bring them back to Utah later in July.  You know me though, knowing that so many of my family was going to be there spending such a fun celebration, I just had to keep thinking of ways that I could get there.   My dear cousin Shelby was going into the MTC the Wednesday before and her parents, my Aunt Myrna and Uncle Dennis agreed to take me back to Colorado with them.  YEAH, I found my way for me, Abby and Macey!

We had so fun and first Sanfords parade, breakfast, races and reunion. 
Sanford even had primary pioneer games for the kids to do before the races.
 We had a Cornum/Miller reunion in Sanford at the park where at least 15-20 famililes came to enjoy a fun dinner together.  Leslie and her kids came in the day before I did (on Tuesday afternoon).  My uncle Tennis and his daughters Myla & Andrea with their children also came to visit from Dallas Texas.  The girls had so much fun with their cousins.  Hailey loved the egg toss though her and Makel didn't do very good

Alyssa really liked the three-legged race where her and Grace (Natalie's daughter) won the race :)
Manassa has a much bigger pioneer days celebration, they have a carnival, rodeo, demolition derby, 5K dances and more.  I loved it as a kid and I still love it, so many people work so hard for it go through.  Yet, when things get bigger other things happen too, and they have lost lots of the true pioneer feel. 
Here is mom and Brooke (and Kamry) having fun watching the parade!

The parade is the best and these kids loved watching the different floats.

Abby really loved the carnival and had so much fun riding all these rides.

Hailey and Alyssa had 'all you can ride' passes and really loved Friday afternoon at the carnival.

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