Dec 19, 2012

Christmas happenings

Christmas is almost here and so we are running this way and that going all but crazy.  The kids had their last day of school today, I did Friday.  I was able to help Abby make gingerbread (graham cracker) houses on Monday morning, in her Kindergarten class.  They were so cute.


Hailey and Alyssa had their concert for choir (Alyssa) and band (Hailey) last Wednesday.  They both did a wonderful job and well we need to work on our music a little more, hopefully time for that will happen soon. 

Macey just stays at home brightening up everything and everyone around her.  It seems so hard to believe that I was dying from her terrible two's just a few months ago.  I litterally had a countdown of how many days til she turned 4.  Now she's sweet, smiles a lot and is a very happy little girl. 
Sunday I had fun taking some pictures of her with one of the balls off of the tree that she continues to look at and wish she could touch. 

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