Dec 13, 2012


We have had a crazy last three weeks!
Abby and Alyssa are both in gymnastics through the city and they go from 5-7 pm three days a week.
Alyssa is really getting good at her flips and bends.  She can even do a cartwheel of of the higher balance beam.  It is fun to watch them.    Abby has never done gymnastics before and she is learning well.  I think she liked it so much because her friend Katie Evans is in the class with her and the two of them love to play together.

I was able to get lots of grading done during these classes and I was able to work on and finish multiple scarves that were made for holiday gifts.  I don't have that much time to spare and so thankfully they ended tonight! Here are the girls on their bars and stuff.

We did learn the last few days though that Abby's teacher is from Manassa CO and went to Sanford High school.   My friend Marty (Katie's mom) and I were talking about my home town when she noticed the instructer had a 'Sanford Cheer' t-shirt on.  She wondered how many Sanford's there were.  I didn't know her, but I did go to school with her uncle and I knew of her mom.  Small world isn't it?

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