Dec 10, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town

When you go to see Santa at the Mall, there's a problem.  It's all become so commercialized that you can't see Santa unless you buy pictures.  Well that's great if your kids are all fixed up like dolls and all you are going to do is see Santa, but me when I finally get to the mall I have shopping to do and my kids get drug around into 10 stores and are so upset about it all that no one looks like a doll.  I prefer to go to the mall alone or only have 1-2 children accompanying me.  Lucky where we are we have the shops that the Riverwoods.  They decorate all the trees's beautifully, have Santa Clause, hot chocolate, and free horse/carriage rides. 

Taking my children here, they are happy.  They are excited with the Christmas atmosphere all around.  The carolers in the central area perform wonderfully, the heat lamps around kept them warm and the lines are not long, keeping happy children and hence a happy mom/dad.

Alyssa is truely excited

Hailey informed up before we went that she was not going to set on Santa's lap, but when her sister's had all did it, she did to.  10 years old is not to old to set on Santa's lap.

This is the first year Macey would set on Santa without screaming, my baby's getting older!

Abby has always loved Santa and she was definately the most excited about seeing him and letting him know that she wants more polly pockets and barbie dolls.
Here are the horses.  Just after we got out of the wagon, the girls thought they should pet them.
John and Macey walking up the path
Then, my mom and Emily came to visit the next weekend and so we made the trip again.  This time John opted to stay home and Macey wasn't feeling the best so she stayed with him.
Here is Abby, Emily and Santa:
And Alyssa with Santa:

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