Jun 10, 2012

Navajo tacos

Through the past years John and I haven't gotten into to many last lasting arguments, but this is one that will last forever. I love making fry bread, and John loves to eat it.... but, he insists on calling them scones. Scones are baked not fried, and definitely not a southwest food eaten with chili. I loved navajo tacos growing up, especially the ones you could get in Taos, NM out at the indian pueblos. I guess this argument will go on forever ;). I have trained my children though, an they don't call them scones. Haha!

I do have a really good fry bread recipe , thanks to an old family friend, Sue Jackson. I'll share that here and it makes @20-24 pieces of fry bread.

Fry bread
2 C Boiling Water
1/2 C Margarine
1/2 C Sugar
1 tsp Salt
Combine all above ingredients and cool to room temp.
1/3 C Luke Warm Water
2 T Yeast
Combine and allow Yeast to activate and start raising
6 1/2 C Flour

When water/sugar mixture cools to room temperature add yeast mixture and mix. Slowly knead in flour one cup at a time. Allow to rise 15 minutes and then divide into balls and fry in a fey daddy.

I love to serve these with:
Fruit jam
Or a a Navajo taco with chile, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, sour cream and sometimes a southwest ranch.

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Lynne said...

Sorry Wendy--I have to agree with John, we call them scones! Either way they are so good!