Jun 19, 2012

Rock canyon

It's such a beautiful summer and today was suppose to be nice and cool. Abby had to get a shot for kindergarten registration and always after shots I let her go to mcdonalds. It's a great bribery! I thought we could have a nice picnic with our nuggets at Rock Canyon park an we did but..... there were some other little kids their that were so rude! Yes they were only 3-5 years old but their mothers jut set talking to each other oblivious to the profanity coming out of their childrens mouths. Needless to say we didn't stay long.
I wasn't quite ready to return home and do my cleaning so we decided to hike up Rock Canyon. Hailey and Alyssa each had on great shoes (they had tennis in the morning), but I had on flip flops and Abby was wearing her church sandals. We grabbed some water bottles at the Creamery on 9th and ended up hiking for 2-3 hours.
The girls loved climbing all over the rocks.
There was a row of bushes just covered in butterfly's.
Macey was quite the trooper and did really good hiking up the trail, but I carried her most of the way out. Next time I'll plan a little more and take the backpack to put her in.
Abby's sandals broke on the way out, thy were already to small and well they were definitely not shoes to hike in ;)
Half way through we were joined by some of our friends (the Paige's) and we rehiked a small portion back to the butterflies an dragonflies. Alyssa just had to show her friend how many butterflies there were.

When I got home Macey was asleep and last minute made the decision to see the parade of homes houses tonight. It was free today only for a certain pass we had. John and I quickly got a babysitter and headed out.

We went through 8 homes some big some small.

 I found a cabinet I want John to make me, hehehe.

We found an art studio we want put into our basement plans.

And we figured out what we want to do with our under the stairs closet.

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