Jun 30, 2012

Stewart Falls

We had such a fun time today hiking to to beautiful Stewart Falls in the Provo Canyon.  John and I hadn't made this hike since Hailey and Alyssa were just little and there was no Abby or Macey. 

Macey enjoyed the hike mainly because she was on her dad's back the entire time.  John did have a sore hip by the end of this, he claimed carrying 32.7 lbs on a 4 mile hike was to much for him.  I can laugh now, but I would probably complain if I was carrying her too.
 Hailey was quite the trooper and did complain at all.  She led everyone the entire hike and stayed happy and cheerful even as the day heated up.
 Alyssa loves the outdoors and she was as happy as Hailey, but she kept complaining that she wanted lunch (at 10:30).  She kept poking buttons on my phone so that she would know when it was after 11:30 and she could have her sandwich.
 Abby was the best of all, she walked the entire 4 miles (though this wasn't exactly her choice), holding either her mom or dad's hands'.

 We had a great break when we finally got to the falls.
 Hailey looked so cute!

 After this hike, we decided that since we were already in the alpine loop we would drive on up to cascade springs.  The girls were tired and a little grouchy, but we enjoyed walking around the springs also

I think their favorite thing was going to Timpfreeze in midway for some dipped icecream cones w/ fries and onion rings! 

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