Jul 3, 2012

Freedom festival balloons

This morning we were up nice and early off to the hot air balloon part of the freedom festival. Macey was left at home in bed with her daddy to look over until he left for work and we got home.
Yesterday We saw the purple pig balloon landing at the elementary school in our back yard. That sparked my girls interest and they were all excited to be out and about at 6am.

The sunrise was beautiful!

Abby, Alyssa, and Hailey each liked the "Hawaiian" balloon the best, because of it's palm trees... I wonder why? My favorite was good ol' Smokey Bear. I did really like the coca cola bottle, just it's shape makes it unique in it's own way.

There was a total of 25 hot air balloons that took off today and they will do the same again tomorrow. Of coarse, we won't be here tomorrow. I decided last year after this crazy freedom festival provo puts on that I wouldn't be around this year, so a few months ago I decided we should go camping in Colorado to miss the 'excitement'. My mom thought this was a great idea and booked cabins for the entire family to stay in.

I also was still a little stressed from our stay at the Hilton waikoloa village in Hawaii two years ago. The day we returned home to Kauai, the Beach Boys put on a concert there. I have been wanting to see the Beach Boys for sooo long. I heard the Beach Boys were going on a 50 year anniversary tour this summer so I started stalking their website hoping that they would put on a concert somewhere, anywhere around here. Nothing was there. Then after all these plans were made for our family reunion in Colorado, Provo announced the freedom festivals Stadium of fire performers. Yes, it is the Beach Boys and yes, I am missing the concert even though I really really want to go.

So, in a few hours we will be leaving Utah, going to Colorado. I am still excited for this and hope we have loads of fun! Don't get me wrong, it was just a little bad luck. Oh well, we will still have fun!

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