May 13, 2013

Kids 72 hour kit

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72 hour kits, I can they can be very overwhelming!!!  While living in Kauai we acquired a very good 72 hour kit, but we were evacuated from our house multiple times for tsunami warnings.  Now that I don't live in Kauai, I need a few different items and I needed complete different organization.  My children are all getting a little older and I felt they could each use their own kits.  Plus, I could not budge that huge tote that held all of our stuff.  I did a lot of searching on the internet and found lots of great ideas.  The system I chose helped me divide everything into individual ziplock packs.  
I organized by having like items put together and having different categories.  Clothing, Food, Emergency Items, Hygiene, Light, Fun and Money.  This way when I needed to rotate food items I could pull out the ziplock pack with food and not have to get everything out and create a huge mess.  The Light and Money categories are stuck in with the other packs.  

***Note this is a kids 72 hours kit.  My husband and my kits have a lot more items.   

long sleeve shirt, sweat pants, jacket, 3 underwear, 3 socks, hat, gloves, poncho, shoes 
I am lucky in that I have 4 girls all two years apart in age.  Their clothes can rotate from one pack to another, so that I only have to replace the oldest child's.  
*Tip: Find shoes at garage sales.  Recently I purchased each girls tennis shoes, still in excellent condition at a garage sale for $1 each.  If they are not going to be wearing the shoes unless needed in an emergency, don't worry about the shoes being the cutest top of line shoes that just match an outfit perfectly.

3 water bottles, emergency energy food, snacks and goodies (cereal bars, dehydrated fruit, granola bars, fruit snacks, suckers, jolly ranchers, EmergenC vitamin packets to flavor water)
Though more water is recommended, my children could not carry more water than this.  I generally have a few cases of water near the car we could grab in the case of an evacuation.  

Emergency Essentials store has MRE's and emergency power bars that last up to 5 years and have enough calories in them for multiple meals.  Using these has made the rotation easier because I rs and have enough calories to last for 72 hours.  They are great for me, because now only have to worry about rotating out the snacks yearly and the main food items every 5 years.  My hubby and I have more food items in our kits, but when packing food remember to choose food that isn't salty or you will be thirsty.


toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick, soap, washcloth, antibacterial gel, tissues, sunscreen, shampoo

Emergency kit:
small first aid kit, emergency blanket, 6 hot hands, whistle/compass, pocket knife, face masks
Sorry you can't make out everything in the kit, but it is all listed.  My younger two girls do not have pocket knives in their packs, they are young and that just wouldn't be safe.  Every kit has to be changed for ages of children.

flashlight, batteries, matches, candle
Glow sticks can also be fun for kids and can be found on great clearance sales right after Halloween.  Batteries need to be rotated out every two years and it's a great idea to have an extra set of batteries in each pack.

small bills and coins
Don't carry a lot of cash in their packs, but place them in clothes or the emergency kit bag.  Each child only has about $10 each


post-it notes, notepad, crayons, pen, pencil, bean bag, dice, card game
I only packed one bean bag amongst 4 children and changed the crayons to colored pencils so I wouldn't risk them melting.  Each child has a different card game based on their ages.

Another important item to have is copies of your child's records.  You may need their immunization records, addresses and phone numbers emergency contacts, an emergency plan and always have a current family picture.

Here are all our bags lined up in the garages, ready to go!

Here is a link to the LDS preparedness checklist

The American Red Cross has some great information on putting together emergency kits. 

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