May 16, 2013


This morning as Abby got ready for school and I was fixing her hair , I realized this is her last week of kindergarten.  When I picked her up today just before lunch she was bring home all her journals.  I opened it up to one page and this is what it said: "I love my mom because she kisses me and hugs me, and tucks me in to bed and reads me a story"
She held me hand as we walked home and I realized how kindergarten age is my  favorite of all.  They're so fun and still show so much love to everyone around them, plus I'm still her favorite person!

We ate lunch today on the porch, just me and my little side kicks.  Now they're off to play around the yard.

Now this sweet little one might be cute but she's at that stubborn age, I keep hoping will pass.  This morning she went to a friends house and I missed having her continuously asking questions.  What a fun age.

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