May 11, 2013

Teachers Appreciation Week & 5K

We had a fun week with teachers appreciation week!  I was on the committee this year and so we took the entire staff out for dinner at Olive Garden, took them in a muffin breakfast, had a Soup/Salad lunch (I made cheddar/brocolli soup for this) and had a dessert bar (I made cookies for this).  It was so much fun and I really enjoyed doing the heart attack on all the doors while the teachers were at the Olive Garden.

I found these cute pictures on pinterest, and yes I did waste alot of time on here that day.  I thought they looked fun and so Hailey and Alyssa gave these to their teachers.

And Abby gave this one to her teacher,

Another day my girls took these into their teachers

After teaching as a volunteer for the first 7 months of school, I know other kids brought me in gifts for Christmas and Valentines so I had the girls give each of their teachers, aides/specialty teachers, all of them, a A&W that said "You're an A&Wesome Teacher!" 

Then on Friday for the 5K they took their teachers chocolate dipped pretzels that looked like pencils.  I dipped them in yellow chocolate and then when hardened the ends were dipped in orange chocolate for and eraser.  The last touch was I piped green chocolate in an '2' on the side with a little oval under it so that they were #2 pencils.

Here are my girls at the 5K, I do have to say that I felt sorry for them.  Neither John nor I are runners and my girls don't really have much of a chance to be runners.  Hailey did a good job, but didn't enjoy it at all!

Alyssa enjoyed the run and finished it in 34 minutes, but .....

she must have had fun, she was smiling after the race!

Hailey I think was only smiling because she was with her friends and had a popsicle   Her mom had to run beside her lots during the race to keep her going.  I had to keep telling her that she could do it and could keep going if mom was.  She really did do good though.

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