Jan 29, 2014

Abby's Big Day

We have had one excited little girl for the past few weeks!  She made a calendar at home depot kids whatever, the beginning of January.  This calendar is setting right next to her bed and she set it on January 24th, her birthday.  From there she went on to let each of us know all month how many days it was until her birthday.  Then, after her birthday she had a countdown to her next birthday (her friends birthday party)

For her birthday we had Grandpa, Grandma, and her cousins, Jennifer, Ashlee, and Tyler over for dinner and gifts.  Abby and Macey love when their cousins come over.  Macey has something with Tyler, I'm not sure why, but whenever he comes over she has to set on his lap.  She just loves him.  I don't know if she wants to do this because he's Brooke's big brother and she loves Brooke, but anyhow Thank You Tyler for letting her do this!  

Abby is just a typical kid and the highlight of her birthday is opening up her gifts.

She loved the books, clothes and toys she got for her birthday.  Her favorite gift this year was the glow pillow pet.  I really had to search through a lot of different stores for this!  Apparently after Christmas they got rid of them all.

My day was crazy and so I ended up buying a cake for her at the grocery store, bad bad mommy.  Yet I should say I was a good mom to get everything else done during the day and still pulling a party together.

The week of Abby's birthday was a little crazy.  (Well, who am I kidding, all my weeks are getting crazier as my kids get older.) It is her year to have a friend birthday party and so she has really be driving me on the fact that I throw her a fun party.  She came up with a list of 13 girls and has probably handed it to me 10 times during the month, making sure that I knew she WAS having a party.  I finally bought some cheap invitations from the grocery store but there was only 10 in a package so I only let her invite 10 girls.  Whatever happened to the creative mom that makes the invites and decorates everything so fun?   It just didn't happen this year.

Tuesday she and eight little 6-7 year olds, invaded my quiet home.  Well, sometimes I may wish it was quiet, but truly I love the loud laughters all these little girls bring with them.   They had fun with glow in the dark necklace ring tosses, bubble gum balloon pops, rainbow twist nail polish fun, bracelet bingo and 

Mustache mania photo booths!

Abby had a great time and thanks to her big sisters, Hailey and Alyssa, and her Grandma, the party was a hit.  

They had fun cupcakes and, at Abbys request, strawberry milk shakes!

If you notice, for Abby's birthday she wasn't missing any teeth.  She has lost her bottom two front teeth, but she hadn't lost any of her top teeth.  Well for her "big" party she was missing that front tooth, still our cute little ABBY!

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